Air traffic controller memory enhancement

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Authors: B. Ahmed
Stan Gromelski
E. Schaeffer
Paul Stringer
P. J. Vingelis

Vingelis, P. J., Schaeffer, E., Stringer, P., Gromelski, S., & Ahmed, B. (1990). Air traffic controller memory enhancement: Literature review and proposed memory aids (DOT/FAA/CT-TN90/38). Atlantic City International Airport: Federal Aviation Administration Technical Center.


The Federal Aviation Administration is engaged in and ongoing research effort to help air traffic controllers reduce the frequency of operational errors. This report presents the results of the first year’s efforts in a three - year project to develop practical, effective memory aids to improve controller performance of tasks where memory is a critical element. Literature on controller memory and performance is reviewed and operational Errors are analyzed to determine the nature and frequency of controller memory lapses. Several potential memory aids are identical and evaluated for effectiveness, feasibility, Usability, acceptability, cost, and testability. The highest ranking memory aids are recommended for further evaluation in controlled experiments

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