Prototype stop bar system

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Authors: Eric. S. Katz
Earl S. Stein

Katz, E. S., & Stein, E. S. (1992). Prototype stop bar system evaluation at John F. Kennedy International Airport (DOT/FAA/CT-92/24). Atlantic City International Airport: Federal Aviation Administration Technical Center.


A prototype stop bar system was installed and evaluated at John F. Kennedy International Airport. The purpose of the year-long evaluation was to gain operational experience on the use of a stop bar system and how it could possibly impact the air traffic system. To determine the effectiveness of the stop bar system, data were collected from both user pilots and air traffic controllers. Results of the pilot data indicate that the system is somewhat effective in preventing inadvertent runway incursions, but not as effective as stop bar systems operating at European airports. Results of the air traffic controller data indicate that although the majority of the controllers felt that stop bars are conceptually a good idea, almost all of them agreed that the system was not acceptable, especially when combined with the local control position at moderate to high traffic load.

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