The controller memory guide

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Authors: Earl S. Stein

Stein, E. S. (1994). The controller memory guide: Concepts from the field (DOT/FAA/CT-TN94/28). Atlantic City International Airport: Federal Aviation Administration Technical Center.


Memory is an elusive human ability which both helps and hinders air traffic controllers performance. This document was developed based on the ideas of controllers themselves When they were asked what they did to manage their memory resources. The guide is a job aide meant to help controllers think about what they do and about the little things they could use to help them to reduce the possibilities for errors based on memory lapses. The material is presented in graphical cartoon format along with a very direct and minimalized text narrative. The goal was to provide the concepts in a readable format that controllers could review when they had the time. The issues covered in the guide all relate to memory in one way or another, but in many cases transcend memory issues alone, and look at the more basic issue of any person-machine and control system such as air traffic control

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