Air traffic control specialist performance measurement database

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Authors: Jerry A. Guttman
Gerald A. Hadley
Paul G. Stringer

Hadley, G. A., Guttman, J. A., & Stringer, P. G. (1999). Air traffic control specialist performance measurement database (DOT/FAA/CT-TN99/17). Atlantic City International Airport: Federal Aviation Administration William J. Hughes Technical Center.


The Air Traffic Control Specialist (ATCS) Performance Measurement Database is a compilation of performance measures and measurement techniques that researchers have used. It may be applicable to other human factor research related to air traffic control (ATC). This database is a tool that can be used in conjunction with ATC simulators, generic sector configurations and scenarios, and other procedures used in assessing ATC system safety and effectiveness. Having a set of measures with standardized parameters will increase the reliability of results across experiments and enable comparisons of results across evaluations. At this time, it is unlikely that the database includes all of the measures that are applicable to ATC assessments. However, the database is designed to be an adaptive research tool, and the authors invite your nominations of other measures for the database.

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