Human error mitigation in future operations control centers

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Authors: Vicki Ahlstrom
Robert L. Cranston
Jean MacMillan
Richard Mogford
Richard W. Pew
Yvette J. Tenney

Ahlstrom, V., MacMillan, J., Tenney, Y. J., Pew, R. W., Cranston, R. L., & Mogford, R. (1999). Human error mitigation in future operations control centers (DOT/FAA/CT-TN99/14). Atlantic City International Airport: Federal Aviation Administration William J. Hughes Technical Center.


This report documents a human error mitigation study conducted at the William J. Hughes Technical Center Research Development & Human Factors Laboratory. The study examined potential causes of human errors in future Airway Facilities (AF) operations control centers (OCCs). The participants consisted of nine specialists having expertise in current AF operations and knowledge of human error tendencies. The participants explored four operational scenarios, identified potential sources of error, and recommended specific solutions. A research team extracted common themes from participant responses to each of the four scenarios and identified general sources of potential error. They made specific recommendations for mitigating error in future OCC facilities.

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