Menus and mnemonics in airway facilities

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Authors: Vicki Ahlstrom
Robert Muldoon

Ahlstrom, V. & Muldoon, R. (2003). Menus and mnemonics in airway facilities (COT/FAA/CT-TN03/12). Atlantic City International Airport, NJ: Federal Aviation Administration William J. Hughes Technical Center.


This study examines the use of menus and mnemonics in current Airway Facilities (AF) systems and compares them to human factors guidelines and best practices. Researchers from the William J. Hughes Technical Center traveled to AF field sites and collected data on the menus and mnemonics for the systems in use. The researchers extracted human factors guidance on menus and mnemonics from the literature and surveyed current commercial software. Using this information, they identified commercial standards for menu structure, terminology, mnemonics, options, and organization. They compared current AF systems against this information and developed recommendations for the design of future systems.