Web-Based Portal Computer-Human Interface Guidelines

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Authors: Vicki Ahlstrom
Kenneth Allendoerfer, PhD.

Ahlstrom, V., & Allendoerfer, K. (2004). Web-based portal computer-human interface guidelines(DOT/FAA/CT-TN04/23). Atlantic City International Airport, NJ: Federal Aviation Administration William J. Hughes Technical Center.


This document provides guidance for portal computer-human interfaces. The authors collected information from various standards and guidelines (including the Human Factors Design Standard) and combined it with examples and lessons learned through human factors experience to form specific guidelines. Guidelines within this document are written in the form of should and shall statements. Topics covered include page layout, text design, graphic design, and accessibility standards. Although this document was originally written for a specific portal, most of the guidelines can be applied to websites, intranets, and other web-based applications. This document is meant to be a human factors reference tool used which, when used in conjunction with an experienced human factors professional, can improve the computer-human interface of Federal Aviation Administration portals and web-based applications.