New Electronic Flight Data

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Authors: Robert Muldoon
Todd Truitt, PhD.

Truitt, T. R. & Muldoon, R. (2007). New electronic flight data interface designs for airport traffic control towers: Initial usability test (DOT/FAA/TC-07/16). Atlantic City International Airport, NJ: Federal Aviation Administration William J. Hughes Technical Center.


The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is examining electronic alternatives to the paper flight progress strips that air traffic controllers currently use in Airport Traffic Control Towers (ATCTs). FAA researchers have recently developed new concepts and human-computer interface designs for the management of electronic flight data in ATCTs. The authors of this report use a part-task simulation to assess the usability of the new Electronic Flight Data Interface (EFDI) concepts. The authors present objective and subjective data to evaluate (a) the participants’ ability to learn how to use each EFDI, (b) the participants’ ability to use the EFDIs as designed with the touch sensitive display, and (c) whether the participants’ performance changes over a short period of time.