Usability Assessment

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Authors: Kenneth Allendoerfer, PhD.
Ferne Friedman-Berg, PhD.
Shantanu Pai

Friedman-Berg, F., Allendoerfer, K., & Pai, S. (2007). Usability assessment of the website (DOT/FAA/TC-07/11). Atlantic City International Airport, NJ: Federal Aviation Administration William J. Hughes Technical Center.


The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Air Traffic Control System Command Center provides information about arrival and departure delays through its website: This document reports results from a usability assessment of this website. Researchers from the FAA Human Factors Research and Engineering Group, Human Factors Team – Atlantic City, ATO-P, conducted the assessment to determine how successfully users could complete common tasks, such as finding delay information, definitions of acronyms and aviation terms, and answers to frequently asked questions. We found that the participants were able to find most delay information easily, but had some difficulty finding non-delay information. Also, we identified some differences in performance between the expert users, moderate users, and novice users, with novice users typically having more difficulty finding information than moderate users and expert users. The assessment also examined user satisfaction. The participants reported a high level of user satisfaction, with no apparent differences based on their level of aviation-related expertise. However, the human factors observations and questionnaire data indicated several areas of the website that could be improved. In this report, we provide a list of usability issues rated and ranked according to severity, and we provide recommendations for addressing these issues, which should help guide future enhancement efforts.

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