Tower Operations Digital Data System

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Authors: Todd Truitt, PhD.

Truitt, T. R. (2008). Tower Operations Digital Data System - Concept refinement and description of new features (DOT/FAA/TC-08/09). Atlantic City International Airport, NJ: Federal Aviation Administration William J. Hughes Technical Center.


Human factors researchers at the Federal Aviation Administration have developed new methods of operation for Air Traffic Control Specialists working in Airport Traffic Control Towers (ATCT). The newly redesigned and enhanced Tower Operations Digital Data System (TODDS) provides a means to assist ATCT controllers with flight data management, communication, and coordination by reducing cognitive and physical taskload. The TODDS prototype designs include separate solutions for ATCTs either with or without surface surveillance capability. This report addresses the results of a recent usability test by providing a description of design changes and new features that compose the TODDS. The author also recommends the use of a touchscreen training protocol. Pending further investigation, the TODDS may help reduce the risk of runway incursions, ease the flow of surface operations, and support the Staffed Virtual Tower concept.