Aviation-Related Expertise and Usability

Publication Date:
Authors: Kenneth Allendoerfer, PhD.
Ferne Friedman-Berg, PhD.
Shantanu Pai

Friedman-Berg, F., Allendoerfer, K., & Pai, S. (2008). Expertise and website usability: Aviation-related expertise and website usability: Implications for eGovernment web design. International Journal of Electronic Government Research, 5(1), 64-79.


The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Human Factors Team − Atlantic City conducted a usability assessment of the www.fly.faa.gov website to examine user satisfaction and identify site usability issues. The FAA Air Traffic Control System Command Center uses this website to provide information about airport conditions, such as arrival and departure delays, to the public and the aviation industry. The most important aspect of this assessment was its use of quantitative metrics to evaluate how successfully users with different levels of aviation-related expertise could complete common tasks, such as determining the amount of delay at an airport. The researchers used the findings from this assessment to make design recommendations for future system enhancements that would benefit all users. They discuss why usability assessments are an important part of the process of evaluating e-government websites and why their usability evaluation process should be applied to the development of other e-government websites.