Human factors at the FAA Technical Center

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Authors: E. Buckley
Earl S. Stein

Stein, E. S., & Buckley, E. (1994). Human factors at the FAA Technical Center: Bibliography 1958-1994 (DOT/FAA/CT-TN94/50). Atlantic City International Airport: Federal Aviation Administration Technical Center.


Since the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) arrived in Atlantic City in 1958, there have been ongoing efforts in aviation human factors. These efforts have taken many forms and have focused on both the ground and air sides of the airspace system. Psychologists, engineers, systems analysts, computer scientists, and others have participated in the studies that have led to the numerous reports and papers cited in the bibliography. While this listing is probably not all inclusive, it covers virtually all work that is referenced in automated data bases plus publications that were identified by current and past researchers, but which never made it to the computerized listings. This bibliography is meant to highlight the work that has gone on over the years. While many of the documents cited are still available from the Technical Center library, or from the authors themselves, the editors do not suggest that everything is retrievable, and, in fact, much of the older work has been superseded by more modern technology and thinking. The research of 30 years ago has served as a foundation for the human factors engineering that is being done today. The references are provided in alphabetical order and indexed by numbers associated with subject matter categories. Human factors research is alive and continues to progress in the FAA and at the Technical Center.

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